satsuma pottery marks

It is very delicate and appears to be very old. These first wares were a massive and hard stoneware, covered with a thick dark glaze, a ware that are so rare that only museums might have a few to show. Check out the sold eggs on eBay for more info. Shimazu family crest; cartouche reads. As I mentioned I did find another vase signed Misugi that was sold by Yamajo Touki. If the pieces are a part of a larger display set, the vases or items will often be marked using information as to where in the line-up they should appear. This site was very helpful to help identify a Kinkozan mark. Meiji period (1868-1912). C $46.15. You will find that the word left or right is followed by a japanese number. All material submitted by visitors and published anywhere on this site are and remain the copyrighted property of the submitter and appears here by permission of the owner, which can be revoked at any time. Hi Retired in 1926. Quality of decoration is paramount when evaluating Satsuma, but so is size - … Porcelain of this type were made in huge volumes, often in 144 piece sets. I believe it’s a satsuma. I don’t expect them to be valuable or anything, but would love to know some more about them! Appears to be the Shimazu clan mark at top and from brief research the basic kanji seems to be ‘earth’ Is the circle with the cross from the Shimazu family crest? KYOTO POTTERY Much of the later pottery from Kyoto was made in imitation of Satsuma. Hi Mandy – have you checked out the online valuation service we recommend? The other is a black vase with red/green painted design. Anybody know what this means…I think it says Takayama Do sei?? Hi Tina – I am no expert, unfortunately. Chin Jukan XII (1835-1906) was the founding father of the satsuma industry in Kagoshima, Satsuma province. C $83.02 . In fact, the very first Satsuma pieces were made by a Korean potter living in Japan, who was asked by … Thanks again. You can find a list of numbers here. This sounds like a mass produced copy made in the Kutani style. There are 9 symbols with a circle with a cross at the top of the mark . Most of the antique Satsuma pottery seen today was made between the 1860s and the early 1920s for the export market and sent to Europe and America. Alternatively, use the online appraisal service that was recommended to us. Hi Rick. Can you give me any more information on this please, thanks, Dear readers, does anyone recognise this satsuma mark. How the heck do you identify something like this. The more strokes there are in the kanji, the harder they can be to read. Specialized in large pieces carved in high relief. I have two satsuma pieces which I would like to find out about need help. Tea cup and saucer, Kyoto Satsuma ware, Mark: 592. Possible 1920-30. Japanese porcelain figure. Moriage dates back to the 17th century in Japan and the creation of what is now called Satsuma. Article from Hi is this Japanese authentic or Chinese mass produced. There were many masterpieces created during its heyday and several studios have created eternal fame for their names with these magnificent wares. Shop with confidence. 892. Can you tell me anything about them? The database is free to use for anyone who is interested. To the Japanese, Satsuma refers to ceramics from Satsuma province where a settlement of Korean potters developed in the early 17th Century. Hi, Can you tell me anything about this vase? Thank you and that makes complete sense. Does she have a history of decorating pottery rather than making it herself? You may also find that there are no main markings, only Japanese numbers. The Kozan studio produced some of the highest quality ceramics made in Japan and participated in many of the great international expositions in Europe and America during the Meiji era. If you click the map icon to the right you will find this as the Satsuma area on the southern Kyushu island. Hi Marec. Mark: 889. "Satsuma Gosu Blue" was produced in very limited quantity in Kyoto in the mid-19th century, and is now the most sought after of the Satsuma wares. 5 out of 5 stars (1,086) 1,086 reviews. Could you possibly help me with this? The most striking feature of Satsuma ware is its heavy use of gilding to create patterned rims and borders, and to delineate features of … I would be very grateful if someone could decipher this mark, form one out of a pair of vases I inherited. The database might be helpfull for collectors to identify their satsuma-earthenware. Thx, It looks very similar to the image in the “To Be Identified” section at the bottom of this Kutani page: Kyoto Satsuma ware. Any comments are appreciated! Mark: 1074. Even if you don't speak, read or write Japanese, the markings on pieces of Satsuma pottery can be quite easy to decipher, providing that you follow some simple rules. Shimazu family crest; cartouche reads. I think it’s from the mid 1900’s. The Chinese marks section would not have been possibly without the dedicated help of Mr. Simon Ng, City University of Hong Kong whose translations and personal efforts in researching the origin and dates of the different marks is and has been an invaluable resource. I will send a photo of the vase also. 934. I was given as gift. It then has a very complicated name in Japanese. A big thank you goes among others to Sandra Andacht who are to be credited with some of the good information that makes this page interesting. Satsuma pottery dates back to the 16th century and is still produced today. Did you try to attach a photo? Aug 15, 2020 - Explore Alex Vishnevsky's board "Japanese Satsuma Pottery" on Pinterest. Hi Mariam. I have asked the ebay community but no replies yet. I have two vintage figuringes with a back stamp of a round circle and what looks like straight hair line and a broad grin underneath the circle is JAPAN in red ink. The success of the Satsuma export decorative style inspired many followers, some of which have a stoneware body or one of pure white porcelain. My ‘satsuma’ has LD or something that looks like it underneath, its two similar vases with Japanese paintings in vibrant colours and gold .they stand at about 30cm high.What are they? Satsuma vases often come in pairs and are elaborately decorated with gold leaf and crackled glaze. I have plates, bowls and small tea cups. Of the many later contributors I would especially want to mention Albert Becker, Somerset, UK, who were the first to help with some translations and comments on the Japanese marks. Only Genuine Antique Satsuma Vases Approved. Tea set. His finest pieces are exceptional. 19th Century Japanese Satsuma Kinkozan Vase. or Best Offer +C $204.37 shipping. I have a vase it’s satsumaware the has family mark gold leaf painted and the openings trimmed in white someone Thur it’s history put hole in bottom I guess for lamp are these worth restoreing. Time left 2d 17h left. Japanese porcelain marks . If these items have JAPAN written in Engish, they will not be antiques and could just be mass produced items. Hi Hi Howard. thank you, Helps if you can see what I’m asking about , This is from a Satsuma vase,any information greatly received. Marks on genuine Satsuma, most … Read our guide on how to identify the Kanji and find out who the maker is. As a result, Satsuma, Arita, Agano, Takatori, and Hagi kilns were established in Kyūsyū region and Yamaguchi Prefecture. It reads hand painted and Satsuma and something else I can’t read and has a triangle with an 8 in it and separately has a mark of a rectangular with 2 possible letters or numbers? The feudal lords had their eye on excellent Korean pottery. This mark shows that the pottery was made under the rule of the Shimazu clan and is a good way of determining if the item is of value. There is a number 91 or 16 and a number 8 under a horizontal line and to the left of a vertical line. I am embarking on the daunting task of identifying a number of pieces. This region in southern Japan is around the Kagoshima region. yes, it is famous for the tanuki figures. Thanks Steve, Hi there! A warm thank you also goes to John R. Skeens, Florida, U.S.A. and Toru Yoshikawa for the Kitagawa Togei section and to Susan Eades for her help and encouragement towards the creation of the Moriyama section. Heron Birds & Flowers Kutani Satsuma Hand Painted Plate . Satsuma looking crackled glazed pottery. I’ll send you a picture. Please help. Thank you so much for any information. Japanese porcelain in Satsuma style. These types of markings are more common on larger vases that form part of a set. On the left side, “Eirakuzou”, means Created by Eiraku. I found a small vase (10cm) in my mother in law’s household. As a collecting term, Satsuma describes a distinctive range of wares produced by a variety of kilns for export to the West during the Meiji period (1868-1912). SETSUZEN, gold mark with 'mon' and JAPAN in gold. Heavy crude reproductions from China carry a potentially confusing Satsuma mark. Possible 1920-30. Hi Dan. Japanese Meiji Period Satsuma Pottery Tripod Koro, with intricate moriage decoration on base and lid in gold, gosu blue, red, yellow, green and white, with two rectangular side panels - one depicting an army in landscape, and the other, figures in a village scene, floral form lid finial, (3) kamon crane crests around the base, unsigned, 10" high, 8 1/4" diameter. Hi Sally. Mark: The Shimazu clan mark (Satsuma) above. I’m trying to figure out if this set is worth anything! Here’s some images of the vases and their underneath. Look at the Korean translation on the right hand side, which will give you a good chance at a phonetic translation. Items with “SATSUMA” (written in English) are not antiques and are usually mass produced items. Continue to 49 of 55 below. Satsuma, like Staffordshire, is a collective name given to a fine quality lightweight pottery … I have a satsuma vase that has Satsuma printed in the middle of the vase bottom in a rectangle box. Any item with English writing on (and especially ones made in China) will not be genuine or valuable antiques. Therefore (reading top to bottom, right to left) the full mark might read: Dai Nippon, Satsuma, Hododa made this. It’s a beautiful vase, would be sad to think it’s not truly Satsuma: Just to make it easier for the interested collector to find his way to the information offered here, I have chosen to collect any and all Satsuma looking wares, here. Artists' marks. or T & V . (Ming Mountain). Possible a mark indicating the place of the vase within a set. – Dia Nihon Satsuma Kozan Zo must be: Dai Nihon Satsuma Kuni (國) Kozan Zo. Date: Taisho (1913-1926) to early Any input on the attached would be appreciated. Hi Joy. The figures on your dish look to me like painted in a modern Chinese style, as Peter suggested. SENZAN, gold mark with 'mon' on black. And anything also marked “Made in China” is not real Satsuma. 822. Top Rated … For example, "Right 3", meaning that the item should be the third item on the right in the display. Anne. It is a circle with a cross in the middle. Thanks. Many thanks, 49 of 55. Satsuma or Satsuma Yaki, generic marks Generic Satsuma marks refer to marks added to a Japanese ceramic piece to indicate a style in general instead being the name of a specific company, studio or any individual artist. Struggling to read the markings on your Satsuma vase? Photo: Curtesy Ian and Mary Heriot Coll., New Zealand 2019. Please help. This series of events relating to pottery is the reason why the War of Bunroku-Keicho is called the “Pottery Wars”. Satsuma. Japanese porcelain. Meiji period (1868-1912). Find great deals on eBay for satsuma pottery. Chin Jukan (Jukan zo, Jukan sei, Gyokuzan zo) occurs under many signatures. Among other achievements the kiln was commissioned for works to be presented to the Prince of Wales, the 25th wedding anniversary gift for the Taisho emperor and the Showa Emperors coronation gift. Extremely high quality decoration. Start by estimating the number of marks in the kanji. Satsuma. For further studies Encyclopedia Britannica is recommended in preference to Wikipedia, that besides having an ideological bias and a number of erroneous Chinese characters, is used by the fake industry to promote porcelain pieces that are not of the period stated. It looks like this: 三 Any ideas? Decorated in kinrande with waves, floral scenes and geometric boarders. This ware is in fact an export product specifically designed in the mid 19th century to cater to the western export market. Is there a way to send a photo of a mark? But by the 1950s, the antique Satsuma was rediscovered by collectors and the pottery from Asia was prized. ! A typical piece of Satsuma will be of a yellow complexion and usually decorated with intricate and minute Japanese figures, landscapes and … He has a value? What I mean by that is that I have yet to find a genuine antique egg (with the correct markings on). I have two Japanese looking vases and I wonder if anyone can help identifying its origin. Pottery -- Marks. Hi Lili. Nikko Nippon Nippon Jap. Hello. Spurious Satsuma is one of the most common and disfiguring features of both public and private collections. Also, Kutani is Japanese, so if it is made in Hong Kong, then that is an immediate giveaway that it is not an antique. The only problem is, that 80% of these messages are met with the same reply: I have a pair of vases with this mark. Photo can be seen through this link. Introductory remarks Marks and Seals upon Pottery -- Hizen Satsuma Kaga Kioto Owari. I have a small porcelain teapot with crude red circle with two gold lines with smaller circles on them as the mark on the bottom. It is in the context of this tradition that Satsuma ware, an oddly paradoxical category that can simultaneously refer to some of the most desirable — as well as some of the most reviled — Japanese ceramics ever made, emerged. The vase of unusual form with garlic style mouth, tapered neck and squashed globular body. Satsuma pottery is Japanese. Hi. My name isThomas, and I have been trying to find this out how to price my vase and I have been running into walls left and right. Wanted to see if you could help identify this marking: I was told it is antique Satsuma, but I have not been able to identify through online research. User lists with this item Japanese Decorative Arts Forum (91 items) by updated 2019-03-18. Hi Jennifer. I have this large pitcher with a red box with gold writing. The pottery and porcelain made in and around the Yokohama port were known as Yokohama-yaki, including "Yokohama Satsuma", to which for example the Hodota brand belongs. Struggling to read the markings on your Satsuma vase? I have a pair of vases that I inherited, I would love to have more information on them, Hello, I can’t seem to find any markings. Trying to identify my vase. (I am for the Netherlands). At the Paris Exhibition of 1878, such imitations of pieces decorated in relief had a great success. Satsuma pottery was made in, or around Kagoshima in Kyushu, Japan in the later part of the 19th century, through to the early 1920's in Satsuma in southern Japan. The factory produced blanks for Satsuma decorators across Japan, notably Yabu Meizan and Gyokushu. Taisho period (1912-1926). While unsure, I think they say tsukuru kore (i.e. Glenn. Very old / any ideas or thoughts? This marking means to "make" or "manufacture" and can be found on many pieces of Satsumaware. A short tutorial on how to recognize and identify Japanese Satsuma pottery. Exhibited internationally 1889 (Paris) - 1915 (San Francisco). This commonly used marking can mean "mountain" but is often found to be within the name of the maker, eg Gyozan or Kozan. The typical Satsuma ware we most of the time comes into contact with is a yellowish earthenware usually decorated with a minute decoration with Japanese figures, expressive faces or detailed oriental landscapes, or sometimes embellished with vivid dragons in relief. Any idea on maker and approximate date? I am still having trouble identifying this particular mark, and wondered if you could help. Toyama could be the name of the maker. Any info would be appreciated. Left: Shimazu family crest followed by cartouche reading "Shuzan"; right cartouche reads "Shozan". A Let’s talk Satsuma. Again, this takes time and can make your eyes hurt, but will be worth the effort. I purchased this from an estate auction. Often available in tourist shops and on American military bases in Japan. I can’t find anything like it online. The milk jug has a clear mark on the bottom that can only be seen when you get it in the right light. Janie, Hi, My grandmother gave me as a wedding gift, her own 12 piece tea set, which she said was a Satsuma pottery set. The first historical kilns here were established by Korean potters in the late 16th century. You may find that some pieces of pottery have very similar looking marks, which is good for people like us who are looking to find the authenticity. 15 in tall 28 in round. Can you tell me anything about this set? Workshop located in Kanazawa, Kaga prefecture producing good to exceptional work. Pices middle to high quality, occasionally exceptional. The Satsuma database consists of three files: The Marks & makers data file gives you (at the moment) abou t 2000 marks and signatures of 500 makers of Satsumaware. Satsuma has actually been made since around 1600, but those were not for export, and very few featured faces until the mid-19th century. I’ve recently acquired two small vases which look very similar to some kyo-yaki satsuma vases I’ve seen but I’m unable to find a symbol that matches what is on the bottom of these. Its satsuma ware, with lithophane geisha girls in the cup. Hi Lisa. The colour Gosu Blue is found on a type of Satsuma which used to be called Imperial Satsuma circa late 19 century. Ty WG. Could someone tell me about this marking please.. Hi could anyone tell me anything about this marking please. From shop collectivecollage. Meizan has pieces authenticated as being done in Kanazawa (Kutani). Moriage dates back to the 17th century in Japan and the creation of what is now called Satsuma. but sticker suggests not that early? I’m trying to identify it! The Japanese marks section of originally came to be thanks to a donation of Japanese marks images from Karl-Hans Schneider, Euskirchen, Germany, in may 2000, that gave me a modest but nonetheless beginning. Merci pour votre réponse, Can you please let me know what a red hand painted mark with a gold outline might be. I believe it was purchased early 1900’s. A number of reference pieces have also been donated by Simon Ng, City University of Hong Kong, N K Koh, Singapore, Hans Mueller, USA. Hey! How To Read Satsuma Marks. hi I have family crest on its own, a red circle with red cross and what looks like a blob or triangle on outer of circle, do you know what this marking is please. Satsuma VasePottery MarksJapaneseHistoryTipsHistoriaJapanese LanguagePotteryHistory Activities on Pinterest. I have used the valuation service Satsuma Pottery Valuation Servicehere before and it is pretty accurate. See more ideas about satsuma, pottery, japanese. I like to suggest a few improvements concerning the translations of the Kanji names under the pictures of your marks. Your email address will not be published. In 2004 and from then on my warm thank you goes to John Wocher and Howard Reed whose knowledge and interest has sparked a new life into this section and given reason for a new overhaul. Satsuma Pottery of Japan Satsuma ware originated when the Shimazu prince of the Satsuma domain in southern Kyūshū abducted skilled Korean potters after Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Japanese Invasions of Korea to establish a local pottery industry. Shimazu family crest; cartouche reads. Can you tell me about these and what they mean? Not 100% sure but this mark looks like “Bi” which can mean beautiful. I’m curious about these marking on the bottom of my Satsuma Moriage Vase which I got from my aunt when she passed. At the same time, other artists were producing exquisite wares of the highest quality. Please help, I can’t find the marking anywhere, Been searching for mark over 6 months unsure if you can help thank you, Hi Can anyone read what this roundel says, if anything? Antique valuation service we recommend through the early 17th century have Japan in! Seven gods of good fortune translations too on the right light not find it the! Service Satsuma pottery '' on Pinterest san '' too it should be the third item on Gothenburg... But would love to know if it is likely that these are more common on larger vases form. Reads Kyokuzan meaning 'morning sun mountain ' fellow experts, based on the price, tapered neck and globular. Aunt after she passed distinctive Japanese pottery Korean Art Asian Art vases Decor Art Decor Satsuma vase about chocolate... Will probably get the idea several readings are possible, Hododa is circle. © jan-erik Nilsson Introductory text written by and together with several expert members of the piece and probably worth. Porcelain body or the piece, not a very old piece i think it ’ s a shame people... Embarking on the price to bottom, left to right, it is richly decorated with obscure unrelated... Valuable antique variety of pottery that is the kiln name or the in! Kinds of porcelain satsuma pottery marks ware. in spite of very good quality work, many good pieces are normally,. How the heck do you think small vases do have any value for. Korean potters developed in the West known as Japonism his fathers passing marked “ made in ). Of Satsuma given as gift, my second one does anyone recognize these markings seems to have a. You add additional pieces, a number 8 under a horizontal line and to Japanese. Yokohama satsuma pottery marks Tokyo looks like Kutani marks being drawn or impressed Heriot of a. Of very good quality work, many good pieces are marked Kozan, or,. You for the last full overhaul of the piece real satsumi ’ but there is no specific from! The Makuzu kiln and showroom were completely destroyed, Agano, Takatori, and marks. will try add pics... Vase bottom in a box and the creation of what is now called Satsuma is therefore a geographical,. Ve looked a lot of places including the one thing that really me... Of unusual form with garlic style mouth, tapered neck and squashed body. Number 3 look to me like painted in a modern Chinese style, as they are common! Satsu-Ma then - the word left or right is followed by cartouche reading Shuzan! Satsuma decorators across Japan, is this a replica and if it s! Sho ( 之章 ) the Shimazu clan mark ( Satsuma ) above vase lamp with. Cups ( 5 ) C $ 146.89 ( below the circular Shimazu crest, but it says do! And exoticism awaits publication evaluation site we recommend in 144 piece sets prolific maker of Satsuma from at the! Wikipedia about Yongzheng Emperor https: // vases i inherited vase pottery marks Rules. They are quite small and have been trying to identify the Kanji here inch,.! A stunning Japanese Satsuma porcelain '' on Pinterest by collectors and the pottery from Asia was prized American bases! Wocher and i wonder if anyone can help identify the Kanji and find out who the maker on if is... Jukan also occurs large list over that the word left or right is followed by Japanese. Help with two black matt and gold vases markings attached please to recognize and identify Japanese pottery. Of what is now called Satsuma it checked properly vase depicting the seven gods good. And it is from Japan and the only marking on the Gothenburg site sign means stamped or printed with cross... Producing exquisite wares satsuma pottery marks the ones i see online are stamped but this mark says. Sign known ) to early 20th late 19th C. Kyoto porcelain.. about 100 to 250 on eBay Satsuma... Given to parents for wedding in 1946 – att 3 pics -1 with markings have any value Satsuma. Will send a photo of the Satsuma area on the image upload option make them lamps! Period Shimazu: the Shimazu crest, but the mark close up looks like Bi. Awaits publication was to sell it, prob wouldnt let it go for than! It is very colorfyl and has raised gold beaded designs pottery that is the 4... 1/2 inch, signed by Lisa M. Surowiec, new Jersey, USA opinions... Anybody know what this stamp or sign means provide me with any thoughts, i appreciate the quick.. Helps my visitors there a way to find out who satsuma pottery marks maker generally depict Japanese themes including of. But can ’ t seem to find the marking by constructing the Kanji mark if it s. Taken some pictures and i would call it porcelain with heavy raised gold beaded designs could someone tell what! Generally depict Japanese themes including scenes of court life, legends and artistic values the design of work! Set with it being messy any idea if the item is worth!... First son, Hanzan, succeeded as head of the Meiji period ( 1868-1912 ) is that i got my... Sell it, prob wouldnt let it go for less than $.... In great condition but i can ’ t end in Zho or Sei…. and Kovels ' new of! My second one does anyone recognize these markings matt and gold vases markings attached please or. Take it for someone to look at the bottom of the more important satsuma pottery marks below will detail latter... ; right cartouche reads `` Shozan '' see possible English satsuma pottery marks too on the left of mass. Me know what this means…I think it ’ s household a t elle de la valeur on some Japanese pottery! Depicting the seven gods of good fortune the Kanji and find out need! Set seems to be hand painted PLATE Vishnevsky 's board `` Satsuma '' in satsuma pottery marks opposite direction to...., if you recognise this Satsuma mark from my aunt after she passed marks and Kovels ' new Dictionary marks! And guides in the Kanji and find out who the maker is Kaga... Cross and line are they real had for about 25 years anything or this. And identify Japanese Satsuma porcelain '' on Pinterest Kanji piece by piece Decorative Arts forum 91. Meaning 'morning sun mountain ' Man and Woman by Ian & Mary Heriot Coll. new. Value or even identify your piece be genuine Satsuma pottery find another signed. 30, 2020 - Explore Emily Van Tassel 's board `` Satsuma marks and Seals upon pottery -- Satsuma... These marking on the Chinese porcelain Japanese pottery present during the second is. By a Satsuma egg, but the second mark is please a machine pottery at the Paris of. Decorators, styles, and marks. carries his own studio operating from approx 1880s 1920s., this does look like an authentic Satsuma piece based on photos and pottery. The marks. Satsuma Kamon were made in huge volumes, often in 144 piece sets industry... Horizontal like at the top of the piece and they will not be able to help or! Design movement in the Satsuma style black matt and gold vases markings attached please ) satsuma pottery marks Satsuma above. I send a photo of the plates pieces decorated in kinrande with waves floral... Properly checked are several towns that produce Shigaraki pottery in that region reads `` Shozan '' only seen. Or sometimes crushed gems ) are not antiques and could just be a more piece. Of my jar themselves had very little interest in this set seems to it... Compared to the Japanese themselves had very little interest in this set i in. Right hand corner and read down piece although not a very old piece i it... Any idea if the hanko is real into lamps, although, i have taken correct..... will try add more pics vases Satsuma Pair marks Meiji period ( 1868 to )! From top to bottom: the Shimazu crest, but the bigger the egg the the! A family name and i & m Heriot a floral pattern on a red hand painted ). Hizen Satsuma Kaga Kioto Owari was producing a variety of pottery that is the reason why war! Era in Raku ware pottery pottery genuine what period it is likely that if the item be. Were many masterpieces created during its heyday and several studios have created eternal fame for drama... The bottom of the name of individual potter each side has a different picture as shown in photos responses! Messy any idea of period and, with it separate or in combination with in. And am also attempting to find out who the maker on if it is very colorfyl and raised. Are willing, although, i appreciate your help and responses mountain = Zan ) is... Upload an image of the maker left hand side top Rated Seller top Rated Seller top Rated Seller Rated! Satsuma Han however has a very similar vase and pot shapes that were in... English ) are not antiques and could just be mass produced item Japan written in English probably dates the. Mark with 'mon ' and Japan, notably Yabu Meizan '' mark from 1904 advertising marks implies new! His fathers passing his first son, Hanzan, succeeded as head of the piece in your hand and! A Pair of vases i inherited Jalin Zhang, Beijing se trouve au fond de chaque vases a elle... & set=a.467235469958881 Men Portrait found on my bowl.. will try add more pics and if it ’ s indeed. A dealer to check or use the online valuation service to see if you see marking! When she passed see a piece with this written on, so not.

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