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Pull the chain or security cable through a part of the jet ski and around an immovable object. This is because a jet ski on a trailer is still within easy reach, whilst those storing on docks are even more at-risk. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. You can find the most secure options at the top: – Guarded self-storage, boat house, or marina (safest options) We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Docking your Jet Skis or Seabobs can be a hazardous experience, often resulting in paint damages to both jet ski and yacht. They come with different designs and sizes based on your needs. Because of this concern, always remove your valuables and documents like the boating safety card or registration certificate from the storage compartment. – Alarm cable locks You want to keep your boat investment safe and learning how to properly tie a boat to a dock is one way to do that. Another disadvantage of docks being built too high for personal watercraft occurs at a gas dock. It would also be smart to practice with another person waiting on the dock to assist you. The easiest way to secure a jet ski to a dock is by using cable locks. As the water level falls or rises, your PWC and dock will fall and rise right along with it. It can cause you to end up under the dock, maybe resulting in over $800 in gelcoat and paint repair. Even new jet skis come with special keys for increased safety, which only prevents the jet ski from starting. We’ve listed the most common jet ski storage solutions. It could be a metal pole, a fence, part of a wall, a tree.. it really depends on … Position the jet ski float close to a dock or seawall and turn the pier pipe into the lake bottom using the turn bar. Turning them with one hand as you move to reverse with the other could be difficult, and you don’t want to end up ramming into the dock. You can run into a number of other issues, the biggest one being how you’re going … Depending on where you’re docking and how close by you’ll be, you may also want to use a lock and cable (recommended above) to make sure no one but you can remove your PWC from the dock (source). Another common mistake is leaving your life jacket on the jet ski while the key is still attached to it. The two main types of docks you’ll encounter on the water are fixed docks and floating docks. You can secure a jet ski to the trailer with regular or alarm cable locks, heavy-duty chains, or even special jet ski locks. Do not forget to secure two safety lines to the dock and the winch handles over the surface. This is basically the same process as if you were putting a boat into the water. Lock Trailer Coupler… Instead of using the provided clip or bolt to fasten the coupler lever … Theft of parts or gear like seat, battery, cover, anchor – or all of these. [Maintenance Guide], Sea-Doo Spark Evo Jet Kart Review [Top Speed, Prices, Specs]. Always use dock line for securing the jet ski to the dock, never use only the locking cable. Congratulations, your jet ski dock is ready to be launched! Once you get the hang of it, tying off your PWC is not difficult. We also receive commissions from our other affiliates. As you launch the dock, you can temporarily tie it to where it will be moored. Dr. Conner has been active in boating and watersports safety education for decades. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook trailer security. He rode his first jet ski in 1997, and rejoined the personal watercraft arena in 2012 with a Sea-Doo GTX 155, followed by 2 supercharged SeaDoos. You can’t go wrong … Below is a video showing how to properly dock a personal watercraft: How to Reboard on a Jet Ski In Case You Fall Off Don’t panic if you fall off your jet ski. You’ll have to play around with the forward and reverse lever a little to find the “sweet spot” that most closely approximates neutral (source). – Take pictures of the jet ski and its documents (don’t forget the VIN and EIN numbers) If you store your jet ski outside, you can even install a ground anchor to attach your cable lock or chain to. Click the photo for a lot more. Store Your PWC Safely With EZ Dock PWC Ports. You approach the dock when a question pops in your mind that you should’ve thought about before this moment. Once you become parallel to the dock, get ready to grab onto a post on the dock. But there are some things you want to keep in mind, whether it’s your first time or whether you’ve been at it for years. Driving onto the dock is easy, and the jet ski can be pushed back in the water with little effort. And many times, it can save your jet ski from being stolen! These floating docks allow you to steer your PWC directly onto a floating platform and lock it into place. Best Jet Ski Towable Tubes for Fun On the Water ... Thefts don’t have to be trailer and all, they can happen unattended at the beach, dock, restaurant, etc. Although it’s not recommended that you leave your jet ski in the water unattended, sometimes it’s simply unavoidable. To tie a jet ski to a dock, you will first need to approach the dock slowly at an angle before lining your PWC up parallel to it. Secure your jet ski to an immovable object. Just remember to keep it slow, and always keep an eye out. Bumper style fenders are large cylindrical pads that attach using either suction cups or marine rope. Though the basic procedure for tying is going to be the same, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. Proper jet ski security always starts with safe storage. Don’t forget the trailer, as the insurance should cover it as well. Simply put, the floating jet ski dock is not attached to any other dock. If you can find a more remote area away from the crowds, that would be ideal. The entry-level solution again is to use cable locks. The Jet-ski or personal water craft is supported by rollers so it does not touch the float at all. This, however, is not the best way to ensure that your PWC remains safe. You may want to choose a vinyl-coated cable or chain to protect the paint job. Approach the dock slowly—come in at idle. It’s also important to note the water level as you approach a fixed dock so that you don’t accidentally find the bow of your PWC under the dock, pretty much guaranteeing some dings or scratches. Watch that Sea-Doo automatic steering throttle system, it can catch off-guard when it engages at slow speeds to assist steering. Just follow the simple video and steps below to reboard on your … To tie a jet ski to a dock, you will first need to approach the dock slowly at an angle before lining your PWC up parallel to it. The most commonly used jet ski security equipment are: – Heavy-duty chains with padlock – Store your jet ski indoors if it’s possible. Although you can secure your jet ski with cable locks and chains, as you already know thieves can remove these locks easily. If not: Once … Luckily, with a few precautions and... Is flyboarding worth it? Tap reverse just for a second. Regardless of what brand of PWC you’re docking, the procedure will be pretty similar. However, this is the type of dock someone would have on their own property, where they can leave their PWC secured for as long as they’d like. Use a paddle (our post) if you have to. Secure your jet ski to the dock and remove the safety lanyard to prevent unauthorized use. Coupler locks are designed to secure the trailer’s coupler, which provides some protection against trailer “tow-away” theft. Additionally, never leave the key attached to the jet ski. If possible, practice leaving the dock a time or two in less crowded areas or during off-peak times. And they tuck into your storage compartment to take everywhere you go. Best practice is to attach two docking lines to the eyes on … This will make your approach much easier, particularly if the current is working in your favor. (Note: At this point in floating dock assembly, if your system utilizes a bunk system, watch the video and refer to the materials provided with your purchase for full installation instructions.) Hook style fenders are smaller than bumpers, and many people prefer them for that reason. Although none of these products provide 100% security, they make taking your jet ski harder. Likewise, fluctuations in the water level could cause your PWC to drift partially under the dock if there is too much slack. We live in a world where someone wants to take something bad enough they’ll figure out how. The best practice is to remove your jet ski from the water and store it on the trailer, in your garage or another secure indoor place. We cover anchors in general here and for deep water use in this post. Speaking of quality, you should choose a heavy-duty coupler lock as cheaper products can be easily removed. many jet skis are stolen directly from the driveways, What is the Wear Ring on a Jet Ski? The Jet-ski or personal water craft is supported by rollers so it does not touch the float at all. Featuring an innovative design, you can add or reposition bricks as you need. Floating docks are anchored to the shore and lake bed or sea bed, and they rise and fall with the fluctuation of the water. That’s why you should combine locks and a tracker for higher security. These floats are moored with pier pipe close to the dock. Always make sure to secure the jet ski’s driveshaft to the trailer’s frame. The 9 ways are: Locking your trailer to your car with a hitch lock Locking your jet ski to your trailer with straps Using the tow hook to lock your jet ski to the trailer Fenders can protect the sides of your PWC, but they won’t protect other parts from being damaged from getting scratched up underneath a dock. AquaSportsPlanet participates in affiliate programs from Amazon, AvantLink, FlexOffers, ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, iRocker and ShareASale. EZ Dock revolutionized PWC docking and launching with the creation of EZ … Jet Ski Trailer Locks. It’s wise to pay attention to the direction of the tide or current as this will affect how fast you’ll need to be going as you approach.

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